Colton was born with a severe cleft lip, and other face abnormalities. His family has been in the hospital for a while. Doctors tried to perform surgery on him, but his oxygen levels kept dropping. They had to put surgery off longer until they can figure out what is causing his levels to drop.  Coltons dad has been paying for an UBER just so he can get to work everyday, which is an hour away. Their car recently went out. He is working to keep up with all of the bills for their home. We not only want to help provide them with a car, but also help them with some of their bills so we can take some stress off of them.

Addie Mae


Addie Mae is 8 years old, and fighting one of the most intense brain cancers imaginable called DIPG. Her family needs as much help with the bills as they can get. We are working hard to raise money to help them remain stable as they stay by their little girls side. 

Ashlyne Grace


Raising Money For Her Headstone

Ashlyne Sophea Grase was born prematurely on 11-20-2016. She was a twin. She weighed 3.5 & was in the NICU for 12 days. We were ecstatic to finally bring her home. But were told that we had to take her to a cardiologist b/c the doctors saw something wrong w/ her heart... we took her, he said everything was fine & that she would grow out of it. We assumed, from the doctors words & reassurance that she was healthy, just small. On the morning of 1-16-2017 I woke up to my twin son screaming. I checked on him, took care of him, then checked on his sister. She was deceased. My life stopped. Everything changed, I called 911, immediately started doing CPR, was hysterical, she was already gone. She had gained her beautiful angel wings. I have 3 older sons, age 13,11,& 9, as well as an 11 year old daughter. Along w/ her twin brother. Ashlyne was 3 days away from being 2 months old. We are now in the process of trying to pay for her headstone. With finances being tight, & 5 children, we just can't afford it alone. We want to give her something special, something beautiful like her. This will be the last thing we can ever give to her. We sincerely appreciate any & all help! Thank you & God Bless! -Ashlyne's Mom



Sweet little Paul needs a Christmas. We would love to help his family provide him 

with toys, and basic needs this holiday. We have been sponsoring Paul for about a 

year now, and we are absolutely in love with this little guy. His smile lights up the room.



Denvers family needs help raising money for his medical bills. A few weeks ago he stopped breathing in his sleep. Thankfully, he is doing ok now. He will still be going to doctor visits to see what may have been the cause. 



Steffen was sponsored by Liam Changed The World before he passed away. We would love to 

help his family place a marker on his grave in memory of him. Steffens story 

captured the hearts of so many people. He will truly be missed. 



Dezi is what we call a miracle baby. He suffers from a rare heart condition. The doctors said that Dezi wouldn't live for 2 hours after they cut him off life support. He fought and fought, and has now made it past a year old. 

Dezi was just asked to be the 2019 brand ambassador for Miracle Children Network. 

We would love to help Dezis family financially in any way that we can. 



Jemma was born with a rare condition called Schnizel Giedon Syndrome.  Her family needs help with a beautiful headstone for her. 

Jemma's condition was so rare that only 45 people worldwide have it. 

We would love to be part of placing a marker for this sweet angel.